Paper Club subscription 2012/13

from Little Fish

It's time to renew your subscription to The New Original Little Fish Paper Club™!

£10 will get you a year of Fishy Paper Squares through your letterbox starting in Summer 2012 and exclusive access to the all-new Paper Club area on our website (coming soon...), where we will be sharing videos and tracks that you won't find anywhere else.

The Paper Club started for free in April 2010 and we've been sending out quarterly presents in the post ever since. With 400 members we had to start charging in 2011 so we don't spend our entire income on stamps! Your tenner goes towards making, printing, folding, sewing, cutting and posting the Paper Squares, which usually takes us (with the help of some volunteer Squids) a few days every three months.

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Little Fish UK

Got signed, toured the world a bit, came back. Morphed into Candy Says, then Julia-Sophie.

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